Real Estate

An extensive knowledge of the industry and an efficient operational structure are at the roots of the success of every initiative.

During the last years, the Firm has developed a deep and direct experience of the field, assisting Clients both in extraordinary operations and in the day-to-day management. This has allowed our professionals to sit in the board of several listed companies and/or regularly operating in the Real Estate field.

The Firm provides a broad spectrum advisory, from the structuring of the operation to due diligence, as well as the drawing-up and the negotiation of contracts. Negri-Clementi specialists recognize in advance the issues related to the field transactions, declining them according to the specific asset classes involved (offices, retail, high street retail, logistics, leisure). Thanks to an extensive experience deriving from the assistance in both conservative-profile transactions (core/core plus) and riskier-profile transactions (value added/opportunistic), the Firm ensures a deep understanding of the commercial drivers behind each operation.

The Firm’s professionals are well prepared  to deal with complexity in a clear and concise way, being at the forefront of market developments, able to integrate with the Client’s team.

Thanks to best friendship collaborations with law boutiques dealing with administrative issues, the Firm also assists in every facet of urban, administrative, and environmental law related to Real Estate transactions.

Person in charge of this Department:

Annapaola Negri-Clementi

Tel. +39 02 303049 


Venue: Milano