The Firm

Negri-Clementi Studio Legale Associato is a “boutique firm” based in Milano, Brescia, Verona, and Vicenza.


The Firm was established at the beginning of 2011 by will of the lawyer Gianfranco Negri-Clementi, a consultant and legal advisor of some of the major Italian and multinational banking, insurance and industrial groups. After five decades devoted to the setting up of other leading entities in the Italian and international professional firms panorama, he decided to take on a new challenge, thus founding a legal consulting  boutique. 

His daughter  Annapaola Negri-Clementi, together with other professionals coming from some of the most important national and international law firms, decided to take on his challenge. They all matured a consolidated experience in the field of civil and commercial law, both in judicial defensive activity and in consultancy out-of-court, particularly regarding extraordinary transactions and corporate restructuring.


Our aim is to guarantee excellence in all the activities we carry on. Today it is more important than ever to work with competent and specialized professionals, who are able to understand the dynamics of the industry in advance. 

We are constantly looking for talented professionals who share our sensitivity for specialization and dedication to the Client. 

Our professionals work closely with customers, have a flexible mindset, a collaborative spirit, an innovative approach, and are always focused on identifying the right compromise between legal protection and commercial interests. 

The Firm offers customized and specialized legal advice to private and institutional Clients, working together with the client’s team. The effectiveness of this integration allows us to build solid and lasting consultant-client relationships. 

The quality of the work and the commitment to the Clients make the Firm one of the main legal boutiques in the Italian market.

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The logo chosen by the Firm symbolically condenses its mission and its vision. The logo displays a Castrum, the civil and military cluster that embodied the IUS, the law, in the times of the Square Rome (Roma Quadrata), the founding place for excellence of the most ingenious venture of the human society. The Castrum offered both physical protection from the external dangers and judicial protection, ensuring the correct application of the law. Today, the Castrum represents our constant aspiration for the correct order in our business and for the protection of our client’s interests.


Nowadays, the client is more and more looking for both professional performance and customized, continuous support from the specialist. All the interactions must be based on a direct and trusted relationship. For these reasons, the Firm decided to assist its clients by providing promptly all the necessary competences and technical know-how. Especially, the Firm aims at complementing and assisting the Client in every moment to offer a constant professional and human support. Our mission is to develop a real friendship with the Client based on shared values, projects, and objectives. 

This results in the decision of maintaining an organizational structure and dimensions that ensure our professionals to assist their clients with a trusted, direct, and customized relationship. Thus, the Firm has decided to be as much autonomous and independent as possible, ensuring a complete freedom of selecting, when necessary, the best specialized competences and professionals – both in Italy and abroad – able to fully share its values and practices.


The Firm offers an integrated service of assistance and consultancy in the domain of corporate law: M&A and company law; litigation and arbitration; real estate law; art law; intellectual property; labor law; criminal corporate law on safety and environmental issues. In other fields and abroad, the Firm relies on a network of professionals able to guarantee the maximum quality, timeliness, and flexibility and that share our same values and approach to work.