Art lovers, law experts

The passion for art that has always distinguished Gianfranco Negri-Clementi allowed the Firm to be one of the first Law Firms in Italy to understand the importance of this practice which is interesting more and more people and companies every day.

His daughter, Annapaola Negri-Clementi, understanding the value and the difficulties that belong to the Art Market, has made available her knowledges and skills, as well as the ones of the other professionals in the Firm, to help Clients in a complex and heterogeneous field.

Since several years, the Firm provides a counseling and advisory service specialized in the art sector, guiding its Clients in the Ancient, Modern and Contemporary Art markets.

The exponential growth of the art market and its continuous globalization of the latest years have required to the industry operators and collectors an increased transparency.

This need for clarity has led to an always growing number of rules and laws that the industry has to face, thus implying the need to have a specialized legal assistance.

For these reasons, our specialized professionals in the art law field offer independent solutions, confidential and focused on the creation, management, valorization, protection and maintenance of the artistic asset of our Clients.

The Firm addresses to foundations, galleries, auction houses, associations, public and private cultural institutions, artists, collectors, and art lovers providing them legal judicial and non-judicial assistance and advisory on a national and international level.

In the art law field, our lawyers assist regularly on issues such as:

  • Artworks sales contracts;
  • Due diligence; 
  • Droit de suite; 
  • Assistance during sale and purchase of works of art in Italy and abroad;  
  • Donations, inheritance, succession of single artworks or entire collections; 
  • Procedures for the declaration of cultural interest, coercive purchases and pre-emption right by the Italian State to purchase cultural goods, and assistance in the procedural iter in front of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage; 
  • Export and import, temporary or permanent, of artworks from and to Italy; 
  • Establishment of art foundations and art trusts; 
  • Assistance in the Italian artworks’ archiving process; 
  • Legal protection for artworks authentication;  
  • Legal protection for brands and cultural merchandising; 
  • Insurance agreements, storage and rental; 
  • Loan agreements for shows and exhibitions; 
  • Cultural sponsorships and other forms of patronage; 
  • Art investments management; 
  • Assistance during voluntary disclosure processes;
  • Art lending.

The Firm works with an extremely talented network of professionals known in the art sector for the drawing up of estimations, studies and preservation of single artworks or entire collections.

The Firm provides a complete assistance and advisory service specialized in the Art sector, guiding its Clients (banks, enterprises, foundations, insurance companies, auction houses, galleries, artists, art’s merchants, collectors, museums, curators, restorers, shippers, etc…) in the Ancient Art, Modern Art and Contemporary Art markets.

The art advisory service is managed by an internal department with specific artistic and economic knowledge, ensuring a highly qualified advisory service.

Thanks to several years of experience in the art sector, the Firm boasts collaborations with a network of talented and professional specialists, who possess an expertise in different art segments (Ancient Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art) and for every kind of artworks (paintings, sculptures, photographs, artworks on paper, numismatics, philately, jewels and precious goods, watches, antiquities, design objects, ancient weapons, etc. ), allowing the Firm to have a 360° coverage of the whole industry.

Professionals suggest to their Clients the best practice to follow, flanking and supporting the Client until the end of the journey. This includes the setting up of personalized managing and valorization strategies, protection of the artistic assets, technical-logistical and insurance advice (such as transportation, custody, and restoration), with regard to single artworks or entire collections.

Our professionals and experts offer support on:

  • Appraisal of single artwork and/or entire collections in the case of successions, inheritance, and insurance policies; 
  • Studies, insights, and examination of the correct attribution; 
  • Examination of authenticity, provenance, and state of preservation;  
  • Assistance in the archiving process: contacts with Foundations and Artist’s Archives; 
  • Advisory in national and international sales and purchases; 
  • Valorization of the estate through the participation to exhibitions, lending to museums, publication on artists’ catalogues, restorations; 
  • Management of the relationships with export departments of Superintendences and of MiBACT; 
  • Protection and conservation of the estate: restoration, estimation for insurance policies, shipping and logistics both in Italy and abroad; 
  • Establishment, management, and valorization of corporate art collectionss.

The Firm’s professionals are lecturers in several university lessons, conferences, training courses, round table meetings, workshops and seminars on juridical, artistical and economical subjects, cooperating with primary universities, academies and institutions.

The Firm provides “educational” services also through the creation of monthly newsletters about cultural insights on the art world for its clients and financial advisors.

The Art Department takes care of the creation of artistic and cultural events, their organization, management, and promotion.

The service includes a structured program of events, such as exhibitions, guided tours in galleries and national/international art fairs, and exclusive events like gallery and artists’ studios openings.


Annapaola Negri-Clementi

Giorgia Ligasacchi



ART&LAW is a legal journal dedicated to the fine art industry, entirely produced by the Firm. It highlights topics in law, case law, economics, and tax applied to the art sector, as well as art history and art market.



The Art department is the protagonist of a major cultural project.

Since 2012, the Firm has published three volumes of the chain “Il Diritto dell’Arte” (“The Art Law”), published by Skira, that deepened three main themes:

Art, Law and Market (Vol.1);

The Circulation of Cultural Goods (Vol.2);

The Protection of the Artistic Heritage (Vol.3).

In 2017, Egea published a fourth volume covering more economical issues: “Economia dell’Arte. Proteggere, gestire e valorizzare le opere d’arte” (“Art Economics. Protecting, Managing, and Promoting Cultural Goods”).

The volume has been adopted from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore as a textbook for its academic course in Economics and Management of the Cultural Heritage.



Best Art Lawyer of the Year
14° edition of the IP&TMT Awards, organized by Legalcommunity – 13th May 2019
Annapaola Negri-Clementi, managing partner of Negri-Clementi Law Firm.
The attorney distinguished herself in the short list with a “plebiscitary vote”. As underlined in the reasons for the award, “Annapaola Negri-Clementi has no competitors in this field. Her assistance is deep and complete and always receives widespread acclamation in the industry for her tireless commitment and extensive experience.


Art Law Firm of the Year
13° edition of the IP & TMT Awards, organized by Legalcommunity – 14th May 2018

Negri-Clementi Law Firm “distinguished itself in the assistance of: artists, writers, foundations, collectors, and art galleries of the whole world. It assisted them in the negotiation of author’s rights, in the protection, movements, and valorization of cultural goods, as well as in the organization and sponsorship of exhibitions and cultural events, and in the setting up of foundations, trusts and funds for artworks.